Blue Moon, Blood-Red Sun

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Rating: R
Summary: A woman with a sword and a man with a shady past lead to two deaths in a seaside resort town. A study in vengeance.
Warnings: Violence and character deaths. Incomplete one-shot. [WIP]

Monday, news report

The maimed body of former Quibbler reporter Ginny Weasley was found dead in the Sleeping Dog Inn Sunday morning. Weasley was the sole-surviving member of a vicious slaughter that killed her entire family five years ago. She had vehemently insisted at the time that it was the work of known werewolf Remus Lupin.

No evidence exists that indicates Lupin committed the crimes. Lupin disappeared from the public eye shortly after his tenure as a Hogwarts professor and has not been seen since. It was speculated that Weasley had become mentally unstable after the murders and was seen stalking several men fitting Lupin's general description.

Weasley's remains will be sent to Ottery St. Catchpole for burial in her family plot.

Michael Smith is wanted for questioning in relation to Weasley's death. Contact authorities immediately if you have any information on Smith's whereabouts.

Sunday morning

Upon entering the room on the third floor of the Sleeping Dog, Detective Constable Phillip Westmore knew this was no ordinary homicide. Scanning the room quickly, he noticed several things amiss indicating the Magical nature of the killings. Price, the rookie officer who was with him, looked as if he was about to be sick, and Westmore pushed the boy out of the room, closing the door behind them.

He immediately found the owner and said, "I need to use your fireplace."

The Wizard who owned the Sleeping Dog was only mildly surprised that the Muggle detective knew about magical forms of communication. Huckerton-by-the-Sea was a small and unassuming resort town that had a mix of both Magical and Muggle residents.

After establishing the Floo connection with the Magical Law Enforcement office, Westmore immediately began briefing his Wizard counterpart, Stephen Cable.

"Looks like your area of expertise, Cable," he began. "We've uncovered a very strange death, and things don't look very normal..."

The Wizard scoffed. "Death never looks normal. What you really mean is that it doesn't look very Muggle, don't you?"

"Precisely. Bring your team with you, and do be discreet," the detective warned.

"We're on our way," Cable said before his head disappeared from the fireplace.

Thursday afternoon, 5 years previous

"Remus!" Ginny screamed with glee. She hadn't seen her old professor since the incident in the Department of Mysteries and his goodbyes to Harry when he left King's Cross station. Despite his promises at the time to stay in touch with Harry, afterward he vanished completely. It was assumed that he had been a casualty of an Order mission.

He put his small travel case down in the foyer of the Weasley's home as he took in the sight of the adult Ginevra Weasley. She'd grown to be lusciously beautiful, and she was smiling all for him. It was breath-taking, and he immediately shook his head to keep his thoughts away from the more randy directions they wanted to explore.

She didn't help his wandering mind when he was ambushed by her two arms that wrapped around him intimately. He'd never been touchy with her as a girl, and he didn't know how to accept an embrace from the woman she had become. Unsurely, he wrapped his arms around her in mime of her movements. When she didn't let go straight away, it became easier to hold on to her curves and his hands started to slip. Ginny gave no indication of objection.

"It's good to see you! My father said you would come," she smiled up at him seductively and ran her fingers along his jaw.

"How could I resist an invitation?" he asked with his voice sounding too husky for his own ears. His expression back at her was clouded because of his internal struggle with the raging desire for the flesh he always had before a full moon.

"Being as I'm irresistible, I didn't think you could," Ginny said coquettishly.

"No, I guess not," Remus said intensely before reaching to give her bottom a squeeze.

Ginny jumped in surprise, but did not protest. When their meeting had begun to take too long, she languidly unwrapped herself from him and took his hand, leading him to where the rest of her family was all gathered. Smiling by the fireplace was Arthur with his arm lovingly around his wife Molly.

"So glad you could stay, Remus!" the man said while shaking hands.

Lupin looked embarrassed. "It is the full moon tonight."

"Then it's definitely not a time to be alone," Arthur said, ending Lupin's objections.

"We can secure you in one of the rooms, Remus," Molly said to the werewolf the family had befriended. "It's just good to have you back."

He nodded uncomfortably, not offering explanations for his absence through the years of the Second War until only a few short weeks ago.

Saturday evening

The sound of silver coins jingling on the bar drew the attention of the man sitting at the end of it. He watched the small cloaked woman at the opposite end of the bar playing with the coins in her gloved hand.

"That's a mighty fine stack of coins you have there, lady," he said as he slid closer to her on the bar. "What might you be looking for with all that?"

"More silver," was her curt reply.

"Something like this, perhaps?" the man said, bringing a vial containing a swirling silver liquid from the inside of his long coat.

She passed the coins over to the front of the man. "Yes," was the only answer given before taking the small container in her gloved fingers.

He took a swig of his drink, never looking at the woman once he was beside her. The transaction was over, and he didn't have to communicate with her any more. When his drink was finished, the man put his glass on the bar and walked out of the pub.

Seeing him safely gone, the woman walked to the bathroom. There she removed her cloak and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her blazing hair was piled on top of her head in a sensual French twist that was anchored by chopsticks.

Taking the chopsticks out of her hair one by one, she dipped the sharp pointed ends into the vial of liquid. It shimmered before bonding to the material. The sticks were inserted back to their hiding place in her hair before she gave the various small weapons hanging on the belt at her waist the same silver treatment.

Her sword was the most remarkable thing she had in her accoutrement. She'd named it Excalibur, a triviality only she appreciated. After covering the sword in the magical silver, she put it back at her side and hid it and her other weapons with an invisibility charm.

She donned her traveling cloak and left out of the Three Stags headed for the Sleeping Dog Inn at the end of the main street in the sea town. She smelled salt on the air and kept watch for the sign of the full moon that would rise. The second full moon of the month was called blue, but it would run red before the night was over.

Thursday evening meal, 5 years previous

Everyone had gathered around the table to eat, and they were laughing the joy that came easy to the large and loving family. Remus lifted his glass at Arthur in salute. It was probably the most relaxed he had ever felt before a full moon despite the lust he could start to feel taking over his senses.

A small owl flew in the window headed right for Ginny. She took the letter off its leg and offered it a crust of bread before sending it away.

"I have to go to the newspaper office," she said apologetically to her family as she stood up at the table to leave.

"Newspaper?" Remus asked.

"The Quibbler. I've been working with Luna since graduation," she said as she found her cloak.

"I thought you would have been a world-famous Quidditch player!" he said, surprised at her career. "You know what they say about a single witch who rides a broom," he commented for her ears alone as she came to stand very near him.

She gave him a smoldering look, but did not answer its explicit intent in front of her family. Shaking her head innocently, Ginny replied, "No, but I haven't forgotten Quidditch. I went through long and grueling trainings."

Remus hummed in appreciation as he looked at her making it clear that there were different long and grueling activities on his mind.

"Just shows you know how to work hard to get what you want, dear," said Molly, for once not aware of the undercurrent around her.

"That I do," she said looking serenely at her mother before giving Remus a look of another sort. Ginny then gave her regards to all and promised to return promptly in the morning.

Tuesday morning, 3 1/2 years previous

"Why do you need a sword?" the blacksmith asked.

"It's slower than a Muggle gun, and faster than a spoon." Ginny's face looked unforgiving. "I didn't pay you for commentary. I paid you for a sharp, double-edged sword, able to discern the thoughts and intents of a man." She snorted derisively at the idea of her intended victim being a "man" of any sort.

The blacksmith laughed unsurely at her Biblical reference, but produced the saber she had ordered as well as several small throwing blades.

She put the bag of coins on the table and left him without saying another word.

After that, the training began, all day, every day until time seemed to bleed into itself.

At the end of most of the days of training, the sword would feel heavy in her hands, and her muscles would burn with fatigue. Ginny couldn't allow herself to stop in her training because it was pure hate that kept her going. Incessantly she practiced, not allowing herself to feel any weakness.

As the last of the Weasleys, Ginny would avenge the deaths of her family. To do that, she had to learn how to kill. The werewolf's death would be slow and exacting. Her Muggle-loving father, Arthur, would have appreciated the beauty of her choice of weapon. The mere incantation of the Killing Curse wasn't enough. She was going to hunt him down like the animal he was.

Saturday morning, 5 years previous


She heard the sound, but did not dare believe it to be real. It could have been a hallucination. The call repeated, so she turned her head toward the sound.

"She's alive!" came the relieved voice of Luna Lovegood.

Looking around the broken bodies at the burrow, it was hard to believe anyone could have been spared. Molly was in the kitchen, and Arthur dead only a few short feet away from Ginny. One of the brothers had been in the loo, and Ron was strangled and maimed on the stairs.

Ginny blinked her eyes at several MLE officers and a medi-wizard.

"Ginny," came Luna's voice, "who did this?"

Her eyes looked around frightened to see if he was still there, hiding somehow. "R... Remus Lupin."

"That's impossible!" one of the officers scoffed. "He's been nowhere to be found since he was ousted after teaching at Hogwarts."

"He was here!" Ginny insisted, and looked at her friend earnestly. If anyone would believe her, Luna would.

"I... I know last night was a full moon," Luna said, looking apologetic, "but that doesn't mean Remus was here. There are other werewolves."

"Luna!" Ginny pleaded, "you know I'm telling you the truth. He did this to... to... my family."

"He wasn't here, Ginny," she said firmly. "We haven't seen him since our second year."

Ginny could have cried if she wasn't so shocked. "You're lying! You saw him at the Department of Mysteries and at King's Cross when we left school after Sirius died."

"Those things never happened..." Luna said, trying to sound placating.

"Liar!" Ginny raged.

Luna made some motion to the MLE wizards near her and Ginny blacked out.

Saturday evening, one hour before moonrise

"Housekeeping, sir."

He heard the knick at the door, and glared at it in annoyance. He'd made special provisions not to be disturbed the following morning but instead have everything made ready for him tonight. The chambermaid was late, however, and he could rip her throat out. If she came late enough, he just might.

"Please, sir. I've brought your fresh towels and linens," the woman's voice said.

He stalked to the door and flung it open. He was met by the hard face of a very familiar redhead.

"Your towels, sir," she said as she threw a punch to his nose, bloodying his face.

"Ginevra," he said darkly as he held his bleeding nose.

"Remus," she assessed before incanting, "Expelliarmus!"

"So you found me..."

Nodding, she said idly, "It's a good night for you to die."

"You first, my dear."

"Colloportus!" Ginny shouted at the door. He would face her for once and for all tonight.

Monday, 4 years previous

Ginny stood on the steps of the official-looking building with all the treasured possessions she had left in the world. All that remained were the tenuous links to her family, and a lifetime of memories, most of them happy except for the end. On her feet she wore Bill's boots, and her hands were covered with Charlie's gloves. Even her wand wasn't her own. She had taken Ron's as a testament to him.

It had been a long year trying to make them believe that she was well-adjusted enough to return to normal society. Lies and deceit were what it was. She knew the truth no matter what the others had told her. She had to play their game to make them believe before she could leave and exact revenge.

"Miss, where will you go?" asked a kindly old man who had worked with her in the last few weeks.

"Hunting, I think," she said with a sweet look on her face. "I hear tell in some parts of the world it's wolf season."

The old man gave her a confused expression. He wasn't privy to know of her rantings and ravings when she was first admitted to the institution. He only knew that the redhead had tugged at his heart because she seemed so lonely and isolated.

"Well, good luck," he said as he watched Ginny walk away.

Sunday, noon

"Who was staying in this room?" Cable asked the owner of the Sleeping Dog.

He looked at the officer suspiciously, but elected to be cooperative. "The name on the registry says Michael Smith."

"Smith," Westmore murmured while he took notes. "Do you have any proof of that?"

"No. This is a clean place, but we don't ask," he said defensively.

Cable looked at him suspiciously. "Why not?"

The looked at him as if it should be obvious. "We don't care as long as we get our money."

Westmore nodded at the honest capitalist principle. "How long had the man been here?"

"About three weeks, and he never gave us any trouble," the Wizard answered looking as if he really didn't want to answer more questions.

In a whispered voice Cable informed the Muggle constable, "It looks like Smith was a werewolf."

Hiding his expression from the inn-keeper, Westmore asked, "Are you trying to tell me that... thing in that room is the remains of a werewolf?"

"Likely Smith himself," the Wizard affirmed.

"Right," the other man muttered while thinking as quickly as possible. Closing his notebook, the detective announced to the owner, "I'd like to speak with your chambermaid."

Wednesday, 2 years 4 months previous

This was it! She'd finally seen him in a public place. All her work and training was going to come to fruition today! She stalked after the lone man in his shabby robes and with his greying hair. It was almost laughable. Ginny could taste the victory.

He walked through the park oblivious to her passage. He'd been with people, but now he was wandering alone to a place in the park where there were trees and few people.

She quietly reached out her hand like a minion of death and jerked him by the shoulder. "I've got you!"

Ginny had pulled out her sword with an ease that had come from her incessant training in hand-to-hand combat that she'd had since the time she left the Institution.

The man looked at her with scared eyes and quivered at the sword at his throat. He opened his lips to speak, but no intelligible sounds came out.

Ginny's eyes widened in surprise as she looked and saw that it wasn't Remus after all. She was certain she'd seen him in the crowd of people. The only phantoms Ginny indulged herself in seeing were the dreams of her family at night. Her vision of Remus in the park had been no mistake.

"I... I thought you were someone else," she said apologetically, lowering her sword so he could flee.

She sighed as she stood alone in the grove of trees. She'd almost harmed an innocent man all in her pursuit of Remus, and she was no closer to finding him.

When laughter descended on her ears, Ginny looked up to find Remus sitting on the low branch of the tree behind her.

"What a clever girl you are!" he said with a sound of pride. "You almost had me."

He jumped down from the branch and smiled at her.

"Remus," Ginny hissed.

"In the flesh!" he said with a low bow from his waist accompanied by an arm flourish.

"Don't you have anything to say for yourself!"

He skirted around her. "What? Should I come pleading for your forgiveness or wail in a rage? Out! Out, damn spot! Will that satisfy you ?"

"You're mad, Remus," Ginny said sadly. "Is that what happened to you when Sirius left you?"

He smiled again enigmatically. "Is that what happened when your family left you?"

Ginny's voice turned as sharp as her blade. "I will kill you. You know that, don't you?"

Lupin walked closer to her, lightly pushing her blade aside. When he was face to face with Ginny, he said, "I believe you'll try, and maybe one day you'll succeed. But today won't be that day."

He suddenly reached over to her and kissed her lips with a crushing force. He laughed as he bit her lip, drawing blood and licking it away. Ginny moved to pierce his side, but he Disapperated with a wink before she could do mortal damage.

If there were such things as ghosts, she could have sworn his voice was left behind him to laugh and mock her.

Sunday, 12:30

"So you were told to clean Mr. Smith's room Saturday night instead of Sunday morning..." Westmore began with the chambermaid.

"Th... th... that's right," she said with a nervous swallow.

"Did Mr. Smith normally make such requests?" Cable asked following the Muggle's lead.

"Well, no, sir, but sometimes newlyweds and the like won't want to be disturbed in the morning," the girl quickly supplied.

"True," Westmore conceded. "Had Smith been keeping guests of a, shall we say, 'romantic' nauture?"

The maid shook her head. "No. He kept to himself mostly. Didn't bother anyone. He just looked tired most of the time."

"So... Smith asked you for special cleaning services Saturday night, but you didn't go to his room at the time, did you?"

"No, sir," the maid said with a look of true guilt.

"Where were you?" asked the MLE Wizard, thumping his wand against his hand menacingly.

"I was off in the closet with Jacques one of the bellboys," she hurredly answered with a blazing hot blush.

Westmore barked a laugh. "I know about Jacques. You couldn't have been busy all that long."

"We weren't, but when we were done, the closet was locked. One of the other employees had to let us out," she said, still struggling with being caught having a quick shag while she was supposed to have been working. "By the time I got out, I thought Mr. Smith would be asleep, so I left."

"Were you the one that first entered his room this morning?" Cable asked.

"Y... yes," was all she said before looking as if she were going to vomit at the thought of what she'd found.

"Thank you," Westmore said as he handed her a handkerchief. "I think we have all our questions answered for now. Don't stray should we need to speak to you again."


Vita Brevis, Ars Longa


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