The Threads of Time

BeastMaster Fan Fiction

Rating: R
Summary: Set during the end of season one before Kyra's death, a vicious hunter from the far north that is trying to kill the Beastmaster has an unexpected connection to Sharak. Includes the story of Sharak and the Sorceress as students of the Ancient One.


"Sharak, Sharak. Wake up, my love!" giggled the young woman above him. He turned his face over towards the lovely sound. He wanted to see her but at first couldn't seem to open his heavy eye lids. When Sharak finally opened his eyes, he stared into the adoring face of his lover.

She smiled above him, her blonde curls framing her face. Yes, he knew her well. From her sensual mouth he had taken many honey-sweet kisses. He had gazed many times before into her deep violet eyes, drowning in the depths of her love. Oddly, he felt as if he were seeing her for the first time in a thousand years.

He called her "Kulta", or gold. Her hair was a golden crown unto her beauty. Her eyes seemed to sparkle with golden stars every time she smiled at him. His lover was simply radiant. In truth, Sharak could not think of a time when he did not love her. I t was as if she had always been a part of his soul. The very breath of his life was wrapped up in the woman beside him.

He gently placed his knowledgeable hands on her waist and pulled her down underneath him, covering her naked body with his own.

"I am awake now," he whispered.

He began to kiss her until she gave herself fully to him.


After their lovemaking Sharak stood dressing himself. He wore long flowing pants and a short, light-colored tunic. He had a long knife tied at his narrow waist. His only other ornament was a ring on his right hand.

He had been to Fennica at the top of the world. He brought back with him a secret language and many other undisclosed secrets. The only outward reminders of his journey were his knife and his ring.

To those in Fennica, the knife was the symbol of a sorcerer. He was the most near magic of all the humans. He had the power of their gods. The key difference was that the sorcerer remained human. That had once been Sharak, but it was no longer.

The ring had been forged of bronze metal. The band of the ring was wide and on the top, inside a bed of metal like a shield, was a stone of green marble flecked with gold. A continuous wave engraved into the metal surrounded the green stone, which came from the farthest north of Fennica.

Sharak was a skilled and capable sorcerer. He did have a major fault, though. He cared about humans even if he was no longer one himself. He had always been a kind and compassionate being, but that was not the way of magic, according to the Ancient One. 'Create. Release. Create. Release.' Never become attached to your creations.

At times he felt disenchanted with all the illusions. He thought of his lover sleeping in the bed near him. Maybe they could have a child and be a family. "I want to create something real," he had once told her.

No! That was a very human, very mortal thing to do and not for them. Even so, in the corners of his heart at times when he could barely admit it to himself, he wanted children and family and even a love that could be lived openly instead of in secret.

Disgusted with his own line of thought, Sharak turned on his heel and quickly walked out of his chamber. He was due to meet his teacher, the Ancient One. Lateness from a pupil was never appreciated.


In the world of magic, there was no use for names. Such things as names were for those brief flashes in time known as humans. I t made the mortals feel that there would be something that lived beyond themselves if they had names. Humans thought names could help them touch immortality.

Immortals knew different. Names would tie a being to the thing and make it finite. The Named always went away. After creation, the Created had to be released and not harnessed with names.

Even though names were not used, the Ancient One knew a certain young sorcerer's individual declaration of Self. He was Sharak. Always the thought "Sharak" reverberated through the Ancient One's crystals.

The Ancient One very often watched Sharak coming and going. The young sorcerer intrigued the old wizard. The dark-haired apprentice had the beauty, curiosity and grace of youth. The Ancient One had many apprentices and had seen attractive men and women come and go; yet there was some inexplicable quality of Sharak that made him different from the others. He had almost instantaneously become part of the mental fabric of those who met him. The fact that Sharak had been more and more part of the Ancient One's own thoughts was beginning to disturb the old sorcerer. Apprentices were not so important as to continually think on them like this.

The Ancient One watched his student rush to meet him. He dramatically sighed as Sharak was late to a lesson once more. He took a mental note to learn what secret thing his student had been doing.

"Well, well, Sharak. I see that you finally feel fit to grace me, your lowly teacher, with your presence."

Sharak bowed from the waist. " My sincerest apologies, Ancient One. I was unaware of the time." Sharak evaded his gaze and used all mental defenses in case his teacher should try to read the thoughts from his mind.

"You are a student. You are to be here when I want you here. You bend to me and not me to you. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, Teacher."

He walked up to Sharak and placed his hand on his throat while tilting his face upward. "Good," the Ancient One smirked. He smelled the young man's scent and stood near him in predatory silence.

Breaking from his reverie, the Ancient One said, "Oh yes. We have a lesson. Come, come, Sharak."


The Sorceress awoke alone in Sharak's chamber. She lay reflecting on the power of their lovemaking. She loved Sharak and had felt that forbidden emotion rather quickly after first meeting him.

They both had come to the Ancient One to learn their magic. It was made clear to them right away that they had to leave all attributes of humanity behind them. That included any family that might have been close to them and any idea of home. Most important of all was to leave human emotions behind. They had to strip themselves of that essential bit if humanity. Their teacher had said emotions were a human flaw. Emotions would not help them and would keep them from great power and magic.

Sharak had caught her attention, though. He was strong and tall with dark hair and an easy smile. He was noticed in equal measure by neophyte students and learned sorcerers, as well as by the humans that so amused them all.

As much as she loved Sharak, she loved being a sorceress. She loved to stretch her power and to do any number of wondrous things. She was almost child-like in her fascination of the magical power. The Sorceress was so naturally skilled in the art of magic that her power and potential were great.

When she met Sharak she knew that together they could be a power to cause monumental change. Her power and his united could make anything or destroy it as they saw fit. They could be as gods.

She knew with certainty that it could happen as much as she most certainly knew that the Ancient One was hiding things from them. Their teacher, the old wizard was holding them back. Maybe he feared them and wouldn't want anyone to rival his own power. He played the role of the teacher, but he only ever taunted and frustrated her. He never gave her direct answers; he answered with riddles and proverbs.


Sharak left his lesson with the Ancient One feeling shaken. Had the Ancient One read the thoughts from his mind? He vigilantly guarded all the details of his affair with the Sorceress. Sometimes the very fact of its secrecy made the passionate moments of their relationship seems all the more dangerous and exciting.

Sharak knew the old wizard had vast power. It was much more than his normally placid exterior would belie. There was no mistake that the Ancient One was to be feared. Defiance was crushed with an iron fist.

The young sorcerer detected a change in his mentor that made him feel as threatened as a hunted animal. It was in the Ancient One's eyes when he was looking at him. His eyes smoldered with an angry intensity Sharak had never seen before. Continually his attempts at his lesson task were rebuffed. Every movement he made was countered by one from the Ancient One. When Sharak tried to execute the directions, the Ancient One fiercely grabbed him by the shoulder or the hands. He had been shoved aside, poked and prodded so much that he felt as if his teacher were punishing him for more of a crime than being late to his lesson.

Sharak pushed away his feelings of guilt and tried to calm his spirit. He held his hand up to the sky and parted the veil of the heavens, exposing the stars above him. When he was a boy he loved looking at the arrangements of stars. Those who navigated the seas used them as guideposts lest they fall off the edge of the earth. He avidly listened to the sailors tell their stories. Only now that he was a sorcerer did he know that appearances were most definitely not what they seemed.

After he left his home, he went searching for secrets and adventure. That was in the days before he crossed over to the world of magic. The land of Fennica was at the top of the world and at the time seemed the most secret place of all. The name was only heard in hushed whispers. T he lure of the unknown drew him there like a magnet to due north.

The sky in Fennica appeared to curve over them unlike the sky in the rest of the world, which seemed flat. It was the vault of the heavens. All the magic that the heavens naturally contained was at his fingertips if only he reached out to grab it. Surely he could pluck the stars out of the night sky and hold them in his hands.

This time was different from when he initially experienced that great awe because he now had magic on his side. He had learned from his love, the Sorceress, to open the veil of the skies and he could see all his stars at any time he wished. She was quite naturally powerful and had learned it before he did. When he used his power to rip the fabric of the sky to view the stars it made him momentarily weak, though not as weak as he was the first time he tried it.

Sharak stood transfixed with his hand to the heavens and a reverent expression on his face. He remained there until real night came upon him.


She went in search of him. They couldn't be together all the time. That would make others suspicious of them. Even so, she had a sense that something was wrong, and she had to find him. She covered herself with a large black cloak and went into the night.

It didn't take her long to find him. When she discovered him, he was standing in front of her completely still and unaware of her presence. His hands were raised to heaven in supplication.

"Sharak, what are you doing?" She hid a smile at his surprised and embarrassed reaction.

"I was looking at the stars." He looked like a guilty child caught stealing a sweet.

"I see," she laughed softly. "How was your lesson?"

Sharak looked at his lover hidden under the cowl. "I wish you wouldn't have to hide your beauty," he said with a sigh.

The Sorceress smiled dismissively. "It's no matter. Are you going to answer my question?"

He scowled. "I hate my lessons. Nothing I do pleases the Ancient One. Every time he looks at me, his eyes are filled with anger. I fear that he has discovered us."

"No, I don't think so. We have been discreet." She took his arm in hers and began walking.

"Then why does he criticize every little thing I do?" Sharak didn't try to hide the irritation in his voice.

She stopped walking and looked at him. "I've told you before: he's holding you back. He's holding us both back because he fears what we could become. He doesn't want anyone to be more powerful than he is."

They resumed their walk at a gentle pace as she continued to explain. "He limits what we can do. He told us to give up human emotions. I f we love each other we are united. That is a great power he can't control."

"Yes, I've heard this many times before. It makes sense, but there must be some truth to his warnings. The Ancient One must know; he is our teacher."

She was thankful Sharak couldn't see her hidden face. The Sorceress frowned disapprovingly. Sometimes her lover seemed so very trusting that he was almost naïve.

"Are you sorry that you've broken his rules?" She pulled her hood down to show her face. Her pale skin was illuminated in the moonlight and her hair took on the appearance of liquid silver. "Are you sorry that you've known love?" she smiled seductively.

He suggestively grinned back at her. "I can tell you that is one thing I don't regret. Human emotions aren't such a bad thing."

"No, they aren't."

The two young students of the Ancient One bent their heads to kiss each other in the moonlight.

The beautiful sorceress looked earnestly into her lover's eyes. "We will overcome him Sharak. We must." She paused with the enormity of the task, and repeated, "we will overcome him."

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