Music: Maki Kolehmainen, Mika Mettšlš
Lyrics: Alex Ojasti, Tracy Lipp


Monday, I think of your love
Tuesday, I wait for your call
Wednesday, you leave me
A message that youíre gone

Thursday, I stay awake late
Friday, I can hardly wait
Finally itís Saturday, and I
Toss and turn

Iím lonely

I know on Sunday weíll
Be undercover
I donít care if we have to hide away
And youíll relive your kisses over
And over
When Iím with you, we use
Your rules to play
Just one day

I think about what we do
For me thereís only you
For you thereís someone else
Who takes my place
We know that weíre doing wrong
And soon I know youíll be gone
Friendship is all you can give when
I see you

Iím lonely

Iíve been thinking about the way
You say you need me
And I wonder everyday
Why Iím lonely
But I canít let you go so
Sunday seems so far away


Julie D. Moncada

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