Beethoven's 9th?

So this orchestra's playing the ninth symphony of some little-known composer who shall remain nameless for his own protection, and the basses don't play until the final movement. So they head over to the bar across the street, to enjoy some Bass Ale. Some time passes, and some of the bassists are concerned that they probably oughtta be getting back for the 5th movement, but the Principal Bass assures them that they have a few extra minutes, because he tied a string to the conductor's score to allow them some fudge time to get back.

So here's the entire double bass section, in the bar across the street from the concert hall drunk, and they finally decide to head back. When they walk into the hall and on stage, they notice a look of extreme disgust on the conductor's face, and the Principal Bass asks the Principal Cellist what the problem is.

The cellist's obvious reply is:

It's the bottom of the ninth, the basses are loaded, and the score is tied!

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Julie D. Moncada