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Iva Davies

Greetings and welcome to this Icehouse fan page. The links that I have are a great source of Icehouse information on the web. The official site has the history and almost anything else you could need. Spellbound is their American fanzine. Membership in Spellbound gives one access to all Icehouse music at great prices. There is the official mailing list which is lots of fun.

So, as you can see there already is much information about Icehouse on the web. I am not sure that I could add more facts or updates than are already there. It's been done. What I can do is let you know how the life of this one Icehouse fan has been. Being a fan has brought me to great lengths of resourcefulness and dedication. So... here are some of the great lengths to which I have gone to worship Icehouse.

My first experience with Icehouse was in 1986. I heard their song "No Promises" from their album Measure for Measure. I was hooked! That song just had me under its spell, and from then on I knew that I was going to be an Icehouse fan. I had complete and utter identification with the song. I don't know why some songs leave intense impressions, but this one did for sure.

A few months later I was listening to an Icehouse concert on the radio. At the time the Westwood One Radio Network would broadcast recordings of live concerts. Somehow I managed to be a lucky person to hear the Icehouse concert. It was late at night and I was listening to it intently in my darkened room. Live they were so wonderful! I also remember hearing for the first time their anthem "Great Southern Land." It was intense!

Over the years since then, I have tried to collect any Icehouse thing I could find. I would make photocopies of band and album reviews. I have them all in a scrapbook. In 1989 I bought the entire Icehouse catelogue that I could find. I have been a diligent fan to try to find new music or any news of Icehouse. For example, I was able to find Masterfile in the CD import bin in 1993. I bought that right away, which was before I ever had a CD player with which I could hear the music.

With great luck I found the Icehouse mailing list in 1997. I had been doing a net search and there it was. Icehouse fans seem to be the best fans in the world. I truly enjoy the sense of community that I get with the other Icehouse fans on the list. Since then, I have been able to fill in most of the Icehouse catelogue, especially albums that were released after Man of Colours. It helped that I was living in Germany for a while. I did buy The Berlin Tapes album in Germany, though not Berlin itself.

Thank you for visiting my Icehouse page. There is much more that I could say and I will probably think of it later. Until then, please take a look at the links at left. The links will lead you to great pages from enthusiastic and helpful fans/professionals.

Hurray and long live the music of Icehouse! (c) 2002

Addendum 2007:

In the global marketplace, it was being an Icehouse fan that caused my first internet purchases. I had bought 2 of Iva Davies' solo projects, The Ghost of Time and the "Circles in the Sky" CD single sometime in early 2001. For that small milestone alone, it is memorable to me.

In May of 2006, I went to Australia for the first time, and one of the things I did while there was to purchase all the 2002 Icehouse remasters that I could find. I now own a complete collection of those remasters in addition to all the various North American original release cassettes and CDs (not a complete set in either instance).

The music is wonderful, and I'm still a fan still looking forward to anything new. I'm also very proud of Iva and others for having been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Onya, Iva.

Julie D. Moncada


Last update: November 29, 2007