"For a few moments music makes us larger than we really are, and the world more orderly than it really is... As our brains are thrown into overdrive, we feel our very existence expand and realize that we can be more than we normally are, and that the world is more than it seems. That is cause enough for ecstacy."

From: Music, the Brain and Ecstacy by Robert Jourdain

Professional Organizations

Minot State University: Home of my undergratuate Music Education program
PAS: Percussive Arts Society
IDRS: International Double Reed Society
SAI: Sigma Alpha Iota, international women's music fraternity
Sinfonia: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
MENC: Music Educators National Conference

Music Education

Music Education Resources
International Society for Music Education
K-12 Resources for Music Educators
Teacher's Net Lesson Exchange
The Symphony Orchestra
Virtual Reference: Music
Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom

And now the funny stuff: Music Humor

OXymoron Humour Archive: Music
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The Canonical Collection of Musician Jokes

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