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Painful Beauty: A Neil Finn Experience

Neil Finn as a solo artist

If you have found this page on this site, you might be really curious or you may possibly already know who Neil Finn is. The presence of this page on my site is entirely logical in my mind.

Neil Finn's music is special from the musical textures to the lyrical content. He sings of love, passion and darkness in ways others don't. In that way, his music is a wonderful descriptor of life in all its different facets.

Neil as the leader of Crowded House

If you want proof of Neil's unique way with music, here's an example. When I bought Neil Finn's 2002 solo release "One All" (released outside the USA as "One Nil" in 2001), I found myself singing along with this one really catchy tune that wouldn't let me go. Then I realized that Neil had worked his own kind of musical magic. The song was "Anytime", and anyone who has read the lyrics knows that it's about death and the uncertainty of life.

There really isn't another singer/songwriter out there who can take such a morbid and perhaps even disturbing thought and wrap it up so nicely in music. That is an example of "Painful Beauty", and Neil's music is full of such moments.

Many of Neil's lyrics stay with the listener long after the music has stopped playing, and it's not just me who thinks that way. Another Neil fan made the lyric generator. Every time this page is reloaded/refreshed, a new lyric will appear in the box. Enjoy your Neil experience!