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The Bodhrán Page
From with sections on the instrument, technique, care, styles and more
From Singingwood Music
Bodhran Construction
How to Build a Bodhran
What is a Bodhran
By Jeff Smith
Making a Bodhran
In-depth article by Brent W. Santin
How to Treat a New Bodhran
The Bodhran Forum
Wikipedia article
Bodhran Lesson
Beginner lesson with clear photos from
Thorough bodhran resource that includes free memberships

The Celtic Bodhrán

My bodhrán.  Pretty, isn't it?

For Christmas of 2000 my brother gave me an authentic Irish bodhrán. I was thrilled with the gift. It was perfect for a percussionist such as myself. I did a net search in an effort to learn more, and this is what I have found.

Julie D. Moncada

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