Julie's Phlashy Photos!

Not a supermodel

Photos of me:

From Athens, Greece: Photo taken March, 1996, on my first trip to Europe
With Ron Royer: Graduation, May 1996
Graduation: My photo from May 1996 when I participated in the graduation ceremony
Myself, Mandi and Anne: From November of 1996
Me and Mandi: Sitting with a cool dragon and fire background

Tirol, Austria: Me standing on a rock in a riverbed, June 1997
Alfie and I: Taken at the Olymp BBS party, June 1997
Godfather and I: Same party, same time...
Godfather and I: Same people, different picture
Beetlejuice (hugging me) and RPM: At the Olymp BBS Silvester party 97/98
Me (left) and Rebecca: At the same Olymp BBS party

Julie with Bodhran: December 2000
Me at my parents' house: Helping in the Garden, January 2001
Julie (me) in Helsinki, Finland: October 6, 2001
Dallas, Julie and Adam: December 25, 2003

My Family

Lanna and Adam: My niece and brother
Adam, Lanna and Travis: My brother, niece and nephew

My Friends

Rebecca Mink: RPM
Rebecca and Juergen: At the Wien Westbhf.
Outi-Hannele Niemenen: My first friend from Finland
Lydia Bruehwasser: aka Beetlejuice
Karyn Johanning: Hot babe from Minnesota ;-)
Liisa Saloranta: in Helsinki, Finland--October 6, 2001

Marilyn Monroe

Julie D. Moncada



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